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Bixa orellana ‘Lipstick tree’ Seed


18 months to Harvest. Gorgeous small, evergreen tree, pink flowers and scarlet heart-shaped seed pods, high anti-oxidant content, many medicinal properties, used to colour and flavour foods, colour fingernail polish, shoe polish, floor wax, hair oil, lacquer, varnish, soap, cosmetics, furniture, ointments and leather, grown commercially in tropical countries, lovely garden shrub, long flowering period.


First soak seeds in water for 6 days. Full sun to partial shade, average water, any soil, Grows 2 to 5 m tall, Seed yields 0.5 - 2 tonnes/ha per year. 20 - 50g of dye can be obtained from 1 kg of seed. Trees are productive for 16 to 20 years.
200 seeds