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Vines, Climbers and creepers

Grown over pergolas, arbors, or arches, or weaving in and out of a trellis, vines and climbers create terrific focal points with their beautiful foliage, flowers, or berries.  Planted near a fence, vines can create an excellent privacy screen.

Ficus pumila (Tickey creeper)
Very neat and attractive self-clinging climber, evergreen, dense, lush dark green foliage, excellent for covering unsightly walls, can also be used as ground cover
Partial shade to full shade, moderate watering, water well until it is established, well-draining, compost-rich soil, 4 m wide by 3 m high

10 cm plant
500 ml plant bag

Mansoa alliacea (Garlic vine)
Evergreen woody climbing plant.  Beautiful lilac flowers in spring and autumn. Can be used as a substitute for garlic in food; also used in herbal medicine systems
Full sun to partial shade
Average water
Compost-enriched soil that is well-draining
Provide strong strong supportive structures
Low Maintenance

40 cm plant
4 litre plant bag

Monstera deliciosa (Delicious monster)
Evergreen climber. Huge leaves. Makes a lush, bold, green accent growing up in a tree. Popular indoor plant but need lots of space. Indoor air purifying plant
Partial shade to shade
Average water to moist but also drought tolerant once established
Any well-draining soil but will perform better with addition of organic matter

40 cm plant
4 litre plant bag